Backsplashes, glass countertops, spandrel glass, shower walls, laminated glass, partitions  and feature walls are just a few ways to enhance any environment.

1000's of Colours Available!

For over 25 years the owners of Eurostyle Glass Colours, Inc. have been creating decorative and functional glass art.  Today, they are at the forefront in glass design and one of the leaders in the United States to introduce back painted and laminated glass.

      Applications            Painted Glass  

Eurostyle Glass Colours manufactures back painted glass in an unlimited choice of color range.  Metallic, pearl, sparkle, and faux finishes are also available.  Our glass can be cut, drilled, laminated, edged and installed like an ordinary mirrored wall.  There are no unsightly grout lines, just a clean, sleek look for any environment. 

About Us

Eurostyle Glass Colours Inc. is pleased to introduce our architectural backpainted and laminated  glass. Eurostyle Glass Colours system allows you to choose from extensive selections of glass in rich, brilliant colors for any vertical or horizontal design application. Any color can be created and permanently bonded onto any thickness or size glass substrate, including tempered, textured, laminated ,slumped glass or wall panels

Our Products

Creating decorative and functional glass art for over 25 years.