Q: What is Low Iron glass?

A: Low iron glass, recommended for light colours and allows a true colour affect. Plate glass has a green tint which will alter most colours. 

FAQ  Back painted Glass

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Q: How long will our back painted glass project take to produce?

A: 4-6 weeks. Lead times are estimated at the time of quote and subject to change based on shop workload and receipt of contracts.

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Q: How is the coloured glass installed? 

A: Our colour coated glass can be installed like an ordinary mirror with Palmer mirror mastic or non-acidic silicone. This allows any mirror company in your area to measure and install your coloured glass.

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Architectural Backpainted & Laminated Glass

Q: Can you fabricate custom coloured glass?

A: Yes, most colours are custom. We use the Sherwin Williams (color deck) and the Benjamin Moore (color preview deck), Pantone, Ral for color matching. We DO NOT use their paint. 1000's of colours available with our computerized colour matching system.