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Options And Specifications


  • Backpainted glass can be manufactured any size up to 96" x 130".
  • Laminated glass up to 60" x 120"


  • Eurostyle Glass Colours' color coated glass is available in glass 1/8" to 3/4" thick.
  • Laminated glass can be up to 3" thick.


  • Fabrication for installation is also available. Standard edges are seamed.


  • Solid, Transparent, Pearl, Metallic and Faux finishes are available.


  • Glass can be cut, drilled, and fabricated after the glass is coloured.


  • We can ship sheets as large as 84" x 130".


  • Just like an ordinary mirror.

Test Results and Warranties

  • Available upon request.


  • Eurostyle Glass colours can color match from Sherwin Williams (color), Benjamin Moore (color preview, classic colors ), Ral, or any Pantone color decks.

*Disclaimer: The Company will use its reasonable endeavors to match as closely as possible the finished product with the color chart. The customer is advised that is difficult to match a printed color chart with the paint on color coated glass. The color on samples are slightly lighter than the finished product. Samples allow more light to transmit through the edge of the glass, therefore making the color lighter

Eurostyle Glass Colours Inc.

Backpainted Glass

Painted Glass Backsplash

  • Normally 1/4" thick
  • Panels Behind Cook-Tops
  • Should be tempered for heat or for hoods installed on top of the glass.

Low Iron Glass 
Recommended for white and light colors. Clear plate glass has a green tint and will alter most colors.

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